3 Easy ways to protect your hands during your Workout of the Day

3 Easy ways to protect your hands during your Workout of the Day

January 30, 2017

This time of year many of us are hitting the gym or our favorite Crossfit box trying to get back into shape.  You want to become more athletic, stronger and have abilities you have never had before right?  We get that because we are working towards the same goal with you.While working out we have come across a major problem. How in the world do we keep our hands from looking like this?

Workout or Crossfit hands are a major cause of concern.  If pull ups, butterfly kips, deadlifts or any workout involving lifting a bar is part of your training then you have come across this problem.  Crossfit hands hurt and slow overall training progress.  Great thing for you, we have a few solutions to help prevent injuries to your hands and skin while working out.

Wear your Silicone Wedding Ring

For you married folks, STOP WEARING A METAL RING!  Metal rings look great and have tons of sentimental value but lack the utility, safety and comfort needed when a workout involves your hands.  So do yourself and your hands a favor and buy a silicone wedding ring.  They are very affordable (most are sub $30).  Once you get one, just leave it in your gym bag and make it part of your workout cloths changing routine.  Silicone rings hit all of our high points:  Affordable, easy, comfortable and protect.  Make this happen.

Use Natural Grip or Kinesiology tape  

A silicone ring is a great start but it won’t save your entire hand.  Great news for you is that there are a couple solutions for this as well.  The first solution is to get a pair of natural grips   You may have seen these on Shark Tank, if not they are a simple, efficient and easy fix for your hands during workouts.  We have used them and love them.  We highly recommend them for the money.  If these aren’t your cup of tea, you can also use plain old kinesiology tape.  You can download our free kinesiology taping guide and also purchase a roll of our kinesiology tape.  Either way, these are the two best options that allow for total mobility and hand protection.

Take care of hangnails and moisturize your skin.

Do you even moisturize brah?  If you don’t, you should be.  Growing up you may have heard “take care of your tools and they will take care of you.”  This statement applies to more than just workshop tools.  If you take care of your hands, they will take care of you.

How do you take care of your hands?  The easiest thing to do is to keep your hands moisturized when you are not working out.  This will allow your hand to heal faster and your skin will be less likely to be injured.  The next step is to make sure you take care of your finger nails.  Trim regularly and remove dead skin.  Lastly, get a massage.  If you have never had a hand massage, get one!  They are worth the money and the science behind them will improve blood flow which can improve healing time, reactions time and overall mobility.

What Tips do you have to save yourself from the dreaded crossfit and workout hands?  We would love to hear about your ideas on our Facebook page.

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