Why Electricians Love Silicone Rubber Wedding Rings

Why Electricians Love Silicone Rubber Wedding Rings

February 13, 2017

Have you ever noticed most electricians do not wear a wedding ring?  If you have, you're not alone.  Electricians have been unable to wear traditional metal wedding bands on the job and their wife’s are not happy about it.  So what is the solution to this long standing problem?  The answer is silicone.  Silicone wedding rings to be exact.  Below we will detail the three main reasons our silicone rings are perfect for electricians.

Non Conductive

The number one reason electricians did not wear a traditional metal wedding band is due to the conductive nature of the rings.  Since electricians work with electric everyday, having metal on their body didn’t make much sense.  Silicone rubber is non conductive.  Rubber is a natural insulator and prohibits the transfer of electricity.

Tear Away

Electricians and construction workers also fear finger avulsion.  If you remember Jimmy Fallon almost lost his finger due to this a year or so ago.  If you are unfamiliar, finger avulsion is where a wedding ring can cause serious damage by ne being able to be removed or not breaking at a tensile strength that will break your finger. Sounds bad right?  It is, and an easy way to prevent this is to simply wear a rubber wedding ring that will tear away at specific tensile strengths.  Our silicone wedding rings will tear away around 172N.  We designed our rings to tear away prior to causing any finger injuries.  

Light Weight

Another added benefit silicone rubber offers is weight.  Silicone Rings are lightweight and easy to take on and off.  Most electricians and construction workers we have talked to tell us that they don’t even know they are wearing a wedding ring and wish they would have had one of our rings years ago.

As you can see there are a lot of benefits for electricians and contractors to wear a silicone wedding ring.  The best benefit of all is to finally show your love and commitment to your significant other.  So, why haven’t you got your ring yet?

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