3 Items Every Married Man Should Carry Every Day

3 Items Every Married Man Should Carry Every Day

February 20, 2017

Guys, have you ever been in a situation where you say to yourself, “Man, I should keep that in my pocket.”  If you, you aren’t alone.  It is easy to rush through a morning routine and forget some of the staples items every guys should keep on him.  One practice to put into place to help is to keep an area designated for all of your “stuff”  you need for the day and make it a routine to stop and get it all.  The only draw back is this can cause for pockets to be over stuffed and just plain uncomfortable to keep everything we “think” we “need”.   


We have taken some time and made a short list of items every guy should have and they won’t bulk up your pockets or weigh you down.  Here is our short list of must have items to keep in your pockets at all times.

Pocket Knife

If this isn’t already part of your everyday carry, do yourself a favor and make it part of it.  A nice quality pocket knife can offer safety and utility without being obvious.  Pocket knives come in various sizes  and some offer various multi-functions like flat tips which can be used as a screwdriver in a pinch.   If you don’t have much experience in this area, $20-75 will get you a very nice quality pocket knife.  Here is a short list of general guidelines we use to buy one

  1. Blade Size: 2-3” is a nice size range for utility and safety if needed,
  2. Easy to open:  We like knives that can be easily opened with one hand. It comes in very handy and looks cool to boot!
  3. To clip or not to clip?  We suggest to get a clip and use in on your pants pocket.  This is a very handy and easy access location when needed.
  4. Quality Brands for a reasonable price:  Kershaw is our hands down favorite in this space.  They make quality products that don’t break the bank.

Tactical Pen

If you have not heard of a tactical pen, take a second and check them out.  They are an amazingly awesome mix of “Oh, let me write that down.” and “Oh, this is also a weapon.” In an age of digital “notes”  it has become an assets to have a pen and be able to communicate in writing as needed.  There are tons of applications and use,plus they take up very little room in your pocket.


Lighters do carry some negative stigma.  They often get associated with smokers, but they offer a huge utility and benefit of instant fire when needed.  If you frequent the outdoors much, you know how great lighters can be in a pinch to get a fire started or just to help heat something up.  They made our list as they are light, affordable and offer amazing life saving utility when needed.

Bonus 4th Item!

You thought there were only 3 items, surprise the 4th item for married men to have on the mat all time is a, drum roll please…...Silicone Wedding Ring!  So, maybe this isn’t much of a surprise since you are reading this on our website, but we truly do believe married men are better serves with silicone ring than a tradition ring.  We have discussed in previous blog post about the great benefits of silicone wedding rings but they made out list for much of the same reasons the other items did.  Silicone wedding rings are affordable, safe and offer some great utility in a pinch.  Plus, we know a great place to get them.

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