About Us

 Mission Statement

“Our mission is to enable others to work safe, live committed and Keep Fit”


 About Us


Thanks for checking out our rings.  So, who the heck are we?  We are a group of crossfit athletes, mountain bikers, and outdoor enthusiast who all had the same problem, we hated our wedding bands but loved our significant others.

How did we solve this problem?  We used the collective backgrounds and experiences of our founders to find the highest quality medical grade silicone and started carving molds by hand.  It started as a labor of love to give ourselves a solution we desperately needed and now we want to share it with you.  Thus KeepFit Rings was born.

We strive to build high quality products that will help you be your best.  We love to create amazing products, serve our customers and care about giving you the best tools to help you live committed.  Put simply, our aim is to love, serve and care for our customers.  So take your time, check out the products we have to offer and let us know if you need any assistance or have any questions.  We wish you the best and continue to crush it.