KeepFit Silicone Rings Dead Lift Guide

Deadlifting: The essential guide for proper deadlifts

February 06, 2017

How’d you get so big Brah?  Dead lifts Brah!

OK, OK, maybe you aren’t a brah, but you are interested in dead lifts and how to get started.  You have come to the right place.  We have a great video below that goes into simplified details of how to do a dead lift the proper way without hurting yourself.

Dead lifts are one of weightlifting's best exercises.  Simple put dead lifts work most of the larger muscles in your body in one efficient workout.  They will benefit your posture, explosive hip and leg drives, and build great back and shoulder muscular structure that can translate into most athletic sports or games.  So sit back and take a look at our training video below.


Recommendations when starting a dead lift workout

  1. Start small:  Start with half of the weight you think you should lift.  This will allow you to make sure your form is correct, prevent injuries and allow your body to adjust to a new workout.
  2. Have some help:  Get a lifting partner.  Lifting weights is not a solitary activity.  Having a partner will benefit you both tremendously.  You can hold each other accountable, the workouts go faster and deepen a friendship.
  3. Use the right Equipment:  Make sure the gym or Crossfit Box you attend has nice quality equipment.  The right equipment is a necessity for proper lifting habits.

Now, it is time to give it a try.  We hope you have enjoyed the information available here for free and if you have some extra time we would love for you to take a minute and check out the cool silicone rings that are perfect to use when dead lifting!

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