Wrap-It-Up Kinesiology Tape Black

Wrap-It-Up Kinesiology Tape

Activate, Recover and Repeat

 Do you love crushing your crossfit workouts, WOD’s, exploring the great outdoors or just staying active? Don’t let injuries get in your way of your lifestyle. Get the edge professional athletes have had access to for years that help them heal faster and keep fit. For the first time our premium Kinesiology Tape is now available to the public. Get the competitive edge the pro’s have always used.

Wrap-It Up KT Tape Benefits

  • FREE eBook taping guide
  • ACTIVATE your body’s full healing potential - Heal feet, elbows, ankles, calfs and more.
  • RECOVER - Prevent and recover from injuries and sore muscles.
  • PRO TECH - Tack and Floss Technology with deep tissue recovery.
  • GREAT FOR Crossfit, WOD’s, climbing, Yoga, Swimming, Running, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Tough Mudders, Spartan Race and anyone with an active lifestyle!

Are you ready to discover what all the pro’s already know? Give your muscles the recovery aid they are craving by adding our Wrap-It Up KT Tape to your cart now.

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