Rubber Wedding Rings, The New Trend Among the NFL and Other Athletes

Rubber Wedding Rings, The New Trend Among the NFL and Other Athletes

January 16, 2017

Who is winning the super bowl in 2017?  If you ask us, rubber wedding rings are the real winners.  2016 was a huge year for Silicone (rubber)  wedding rings with tons of NFL and other athletes jumping on board and showing their commitment during every play.   Professional athletes across the board have begun to realize the amazing benefits of silicone wedding bands compared to traditional rings.  Traditional rings will always hold a sentimental value for most, but the utility and reliability of silicone wedding rings have the sports world a buzz.


Why are Professional Athletes wearing Rubber Wedding Rings?

Pro athletes are the best at what they do.  The have spent years working and crafting skills to get to the professional level. They have an opportunity to showcase not only their skills but the love and commitment they have for their spouse.  This is the reason they love rubber wedding rings.  They can honor their spouse and proudly share their affection even while they compete at the highest level.


NFL players love our silicone rings

That’s right, multiple NFL players wear our silicone rings.  Not only do they wear them, they love them!  They wear them with pride and they withstand the rigors of practice and games.  They love the fact that our rubber wedding rings are strong, durable and flexible.  They don’t get in the way but if they have a finger injury there is no worry because the rings can be easy removed or cut off.

The Trend is growing!

The NFL isn’t the only sport to see an uptick in silicone wedding band usage.  The NBA, MLB and NHL have all seen players showing their love and commitment with our rings.  Heck, even Olympians in the 2016 summer Olympics were sporting them.  It doesn’t stop there check out most of the retired NFL athletes who have become analyst on channels like ESPN, CBS and NBC, they too sport our silicone rubber wedding rings.

What’s Next?

The rubber wedding ring trend is still in its infancy with tons of room to grow.  We think that 2017 will be the year they become widely popular as the benefits speak for themselfs.  So what is stopping you from joining the fun?  Show us what sports you play while wearing your KeepFit rubber wedding ring on Instagram and Facebook #KeepFitRings .

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