How to Get a Perfect Fit with Your Silicone Wedding Ring

How to Get a Perfect Fit with Your Silicone Wedding Ring

June 06, 2016

If you are reading this you probably already know all of the great benefits to silicone wedding rings, but if not check out our blog post on the 5 life saving reasons to wear a silicone wedding ring.  Now you are ready to pick the best ring that suites your needs, but what size do you wear?  

Silicone rings do have a tendency to run small or big depending on the type of silicone used and the molds they are made in. Two things that are important to look for before choosing your ring is that it is made out of medical grade silicone rubber and that the seller offers an exchange program.

First, medical grade silicone rubber is the best you can get for silicone wedding rings.  This rubber has been produced with the intent to be used on items that will com in contact with the skin.  Silicone rings made of medical grade silicone rubber will last longer, perform better under pressure and heat as well as not irritate your skin.

Second,  make sure the company you purchase your silicone band from has an exchange policy in place.  Most companies will provide a size chart and measurements to help aid your buying decision but sometimes, even with all this help, the size is still wrong.  So make sure you are working with a quality company that cares about you and getting you the right fit for your ring.  Most cases a quality company will exchange your ring for free or just simply send you the size you need without any charge.  This is what we do to help our customers, if the size is wrong, just let us know what size you need any we will send one replacement set for free, no questions asked.

So, let's recap what you need to look for.  First, make sure the silicone is medical grade.  Second, make sure you work with a company that has an exchange program.  Last, use the free sizing charts and measurements to double check your ring size.  Also, a pro tip, check you tube and other sites for video reviews of the product to get a feel of the sizing.

We would love to see what size worked your you, please post a picture on our Facebook.  We love seeing our rings out in the wild!

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