5 Life Saving Reasons to Wear a Silicone Wedding Ring

5 Life Saving Reasons to Wear a Silicone Wedding Ring

June 04, 2016

Jimmy Fallon’s hand (finger avulsion)

By now pretty much everyone who is in tune with late night television knows about Jimmy Fallon and the seriousness of his finger injury a while back.  If not, here is a short synopsis.  He fell, caught his metal wedding ring on something and it almost tore off his finger.  Pretty Gross huh?  We thought so too.  This may be the most important reason to change to a silicone wedding band.  These accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, why not prepare yourself by simply replacing your current wedding band with a stylish silicone ring and never have to worry about it, that what we have done and never looked back.


They can easily be cut off if needed.

Accidents happen.  We never know when or how but they do.  For guys, a lot of accidents affect our hands.  Cuts, bruises and broken bones happen all the time.  For men and women wearing a traditional wedding band, you could lose a finger because of an accident.  Most modern wedding rings are made of materials that are hard to cut off if needed.  Silicone wedding bands are made to be cut off or break at a specific tensile strength to avoid this.

Enjoying the outdoors without catching your ring on anything

You are out on a Saturday morning hike with your dog and all the sudden he/she takes off after a little critter.  You have to chase you dog down a hill and through the woods only to catch him and realize you have some climbing to do to get back out of there.  When you climb, your wedding band cuts into your skin or prevents you from getting a solid hold and at the end of the day you are spent.  Stuff like this happens, our everyday expression of our commitment can hinder us.  The simple fix?  Your guessed it, change out to a silicone band they will never hurt your hands or get in the way of any outdoor activities.

Flexible and never cut off circulation

Something that we found to be a huge success is silicone wedding bands for the elderly or people with joint problems.  The rings are made to stretch and conform to your hands.  They are easy to slide on and off.  Elderly couples love them.


If you aren’t familiar with the term EDC it stand for everyday carry.  If you google this you will find thousands of pictures that include all the cool gadgets and helpful tool men carry on a day to day basis.   We also recommend you check out Uncrate , for cool new items. Your wedding ring should be one of the most important parts of your EDC.  Silicone rings make a perfect EDC ring because they allow for optimal hand usage and no drawback.  Plus they can be stored on carabiner key chains or any your EDC backpack.  Equip yourself with the proper gear, don’t take a chance when you don’t need to.

We would love to see your silicone wedding bands in action.  Post a picture on our facebook page and let us know why you love your silicone wedding ring.

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